Study Techniques?

Interested to know how people are studying and what seems to be working. Particularly interested in hearing what those of you who also work 100+ hour weeks are doing to fit it in (and more importantly, retain the information) I’ve personally divided the entire 6 books into weekly reading chunks. Having started back in November and leaving a solid month before the exam (for practice tests), it amounts to about 3-4 readings a week. Usually I read the section, highlighting key topics as I go – then I work through the chapter again, making note cards. Having finished the first 2 books a week ahead of schedule, I’m going back and writing up detailed notes to make sure the concepts really set in. Any dramatically different / creative plans? My primary concern is retention of readings several months from now.

Started in mid-dec on and off, currently on Reading 6 in vol 1 and awaiting schweser material (which i finally ordered after alot of thought/research). Work full time 50-60 hrs/week, study plan currently in effect is 2-3 hrs/night 12-15 hrs sat-sun (approx. 20-25 hrs/week is the target. Devoting May for review. I am following the setup outlined in the CFAI text just adding an additional week for each session.