Study Time

How long?

I’m ready to put in up to 200 hours, although I don’t see how there is enough material to actually study that long. The 500 pages or so of the Schweser reading took me two days (part time) to get through reading with decent attention. I’ll read it again closely (to help with memorization) another two times probably. Reading: 40 Hours at most Video Lectures: 20 at most (I’d say these are optional unless you are having difficulty grasping) Qbank: I think 10 hours max Practice exams 15 Hours Studying: 15 Hours Total: 100 hours Seems almost too easy after doing the CFA

which video lectures are you referring to? Schweser or uppermark??? please describe, thanks!

I’ve used Schweser Video Lectures for CFA. I found parts of them useful in explaining concepts that I wasn’t so great at. Example In level 1, the hypothesis testing bit or forward rates in FI. I didn’t really grasp these materials doing the reading. But I don’t have a great quant background period. I didn’t find all of the lectures useful. They were also beneficial at highlighting important stuff. However, I have not seen the video lectures for CAIA yet as they are not available yet. What is available is fundamental stuff like quant and derivatives etc. Although I’m not sure how tested BlackScholes will be on the CAIA? Since there does not appear to be a lot conceptual on the CAIA, I’m thinking the vids will just reinforce what I’ve already read and memorized.