Study Timeline help

Hi All, Greatful if someone can provide/advise on a study timeline just to keep myself motivated. I tried to look up some info on schweser, but could not find any… Thanks

you need to make your own timeline. Start by leaving 3-4 weeks just for review prior to the test and work your way backward from there. CFAI recommends 250 hours of studying. This is obviously a rough estimate and you may need a lot more or less time, depending on your background - you should be able to figure it out from there.

Thanks jalmy8… I know what you mean… I was just curious if there is a specific timeline just to keep myself on track and see if i am falling behind!!

Actually, what I did was take the number of pages in schweser and divide it by the number of days left (keeping 30 days free before exam). This gave me a sense of just how many pages I had to do a day to stay on track. Obviously I didn’t read 13 or so pages a night, but it gave me an idea as to whether or not I was falling behind. I hope that helps.