Study Tips Final Few Weeks

Anyone have any good study tips for the final few weeks? I plan to read all my notes and take the CFA practice questions again and also go through some of the Mock exams. Would this be sufficient? I feel like the Schweser material/questions weren’t relevant or challenging at times.

A few things I’m doing:

  • Note cards with commonly missed formulas (for straightforward items)
  • Note cards with examples of more complex formula with data
  • Take note of which areas of weakness I’m seeing in Qbanks and sample exams (e.g., LOS 20 in FI) and run through those over and over and over and over…
  • Stop using Google to try and prove why the curriculum is ‘wrong’ about some specific point…
  • Full page ‘cheat sheets’ that summarize key points / topics / formulas (I feel creating these helps reinforce things)
  • Stop going to (or any social media, just delete all the apps off your phone for the next month)
  • That’s all I got
  • Here’s another list item for the hell of it!

Good luck.

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Mocks galore & practicing typing formulas super fast

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Mocks, alot of them. Lots of AM practise and don’t forget PM mock practise. If AM is as hard as past takers say it is, then we all need to nail PM MCQs. I’ll redo all of the CFAI TTs over the next 2 weeks and have been going through the EOCs this weeks. Main practise will be mocks though and ensure I review every questions (whether I got it right or wrong). Then reviewing all of my notes when I have free time.

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[quote=“midtowneast789, post:2, topic:139455”]

  • Stop using Google to try and prove why the curriculum is ‘wrong’ about some specific point…


Agree more

CFAI TTs? What is that exactly?

Topic Tests on the ecosystem. I’m amazed the number of people who ask that given they’re a L3 candidate…

TT - topic tests
EOCs - end of chapters questions
BB - blue boxes…

Anyone can recommend Mocks other than MarkMeldrum, IFT, Bill’s Mocks (expensive relative to my current budget), Schweser Notes (heard negative reviews)?
Last Mock I did was CFAI, which I found challenging, especially AM part.

What would you consider to be not too expensive, if I may ask?

You mean the Practice Questions on the CFA site which is broken out by topic?

Doing as many mocks (both AM & PM) as I can get hold of and review personal notes till I ‘vomit’.
Have heard that CFAI has moved the usual afternoon MCQ to AM session for upcoming CBT while PM will be structured response questions instead.
Not sure how true is it?
I have questions regarding inputting formulas: will we be given partial credits for plucking the numbers straight (e.g instead of typing Sharpe Ratio=E(Rx-Rf) ÷StdDev Rx, are we allowed to skip the above signs and type Sharpe Ratio=(3.8%-0.5%)÷11% straight away?

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Well at least for me (based on the income I earn and expenses), $100 per AM mock is expensive, and I can’t afford it and possibly buy other cheaper alternatives. I guess if I was earning more I would consider it.

I would hope that AM is still CR haven’t heard anything different. Regarding formulas here is what it says on the CFAI site:

“In responding to a calculation question on the essay exam, candidates are not required to show their work. A correct numerical value will receive full credit. If a candidate is so inclined, it is possible to use the equation editor that is part of the exam software to build a formula as part of a response. Alternately, a candidate might choose to include a simple written description of the steps used in a calculation. **If a candidate chooses to show their work, it will be evaluated as part of the response and could conceptually result in partial credit in cases where the answer is not otherwise fully correct.”

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I take that back, just finished watching Mark Meldrum video and he said the AM section will be multiple choice! Wowzers!

So, did they switch AM and PM formats (MCQ in the morning and Essay afternoon)?
This’d be bad, I hoped to start the hardest part with fresher mind.

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Not according to CFA Institute’s website.

he specified in a comment that it was not correct, also that CFAI confirmed to him (and on their website, as @S2000magician pointed out) that first session is still the one with open questions.

Honestly, $100 is bit much. For me, the consumer surplus would be zero around $50.

In that case, look here: 2020/2021 Level III Morning Session Mock Exam #5 | Financial Exam Help 123