Study Tips

I plan on taking FRM Part I in November. I was just looking for some more general info on study tips for the exam. Is it more on the quantitative side or qualitative side? Is there anywhere I can obtain free sample practice questions before I choose a study provider? If there are things I should really focus on and prepare for would be a great help as well.


Any help?

your best bet may be to check GARP official study page:

GARP study materials

you will need to register an account to be able to view and download the learning objectives, study guide and practice exams.

it’s a mix of quant and qualitative questions, I won’t give the edge to either. For free questions, I believe Bionic Turtle has some on their website, also check out their forums, there is a lot of guide on how to approach the exam and the type of questions you can expect. I’m not sure if Schweser or Willey have free sample questions for the current exam period but you can find old GARP practices questions for free online.