Study update

I think most of us have the same feeling… The more we study the more we worry… From here on out every day till June 7 is a study day… On a brighter note I have found I have retained a couple things so that is nice. On a personal note I hope there are lots of questions around SAMURAI

yep, you are right … the nice thing about this forum, overall, we are all in the same boat … and it is nice to know we are all struggling to retain the volume of information. I wish I could say every day is a study day … life throws too many curve balls … but today is turning out to be a good study day.

I just finished my last Stalla lecture (on CD) today. So 6-7 weeks left to review. I feel good that I managed to get back on schedule, but of course there’s still a lot left to do (and review). What was all that fixed income stuff about again??? What were those names for behavioral biases again? How are emerging markets different from developed markets? Hopefully it will be clearer 6 weeks from now.

I am done for the day!! Now for Sunday night Laundry!!!

brain is very tired … clocking off … just ordered another box of 10x lots of cookies … should keep me happy for a week. *gaining exam weight*

Don’t even get me started on that. I feel like a fat pig. The last month I’ve been eating like crap, cut exercise out totally, drinking a wack of pop… This sucks. I keep telling myself I need to do something physically because I know it will help my brain, but I just never have time.

BB … haha, my sentiments too … old study habits die hard … hopefully, this is the last exam under CFAI for all of us … no more crazy weight gain … now to do the laundry …