hie guys,has anyone not started reading ???I havent started anything and i am afraid i might not finish for dec exam

rather than lamenting here how behind on your studies you are, just get busy. sheesh.

Yeah, you might not unless you have a decent background in this stuff. Avaerge study time = 300 hrs = 4 hrs/day from here to exam day.

I agree with Joey D. Look in your schedule and see if you can fit in 300 hours of study time. If it can’t be done, maybe you should reschedule for June.

Like the others, I think your success is contingent upon your background. But, assuming you have already paid for the Dec exam (think deadline was 9/17)… might as well take your best shot. Even if sitting in Dec results in an invite back to L1, it’s great practice.

You have plenty of time to be ready come exam day IF you’re willing to put in the time. I would suggest putting together and sticking to a realistic schedule.

Its an uphill battle… I started a couple of weeks ago and have a background in a good few areas, I studied, maths and Econ in College and have been working in finance for about 5 years, but I had forgotten about study… Some days I have great days and think that I will be fine and other day I wonder will I even get to the end of the page!!! You have to ask yourself the question though, if you had 8 months to prepare for next junes exam, when would you start studying… I prefer the solid studying, I know its a lot to undertake in a short time, but I am enjoying the challenge… I guess everyone is different, I have read stuff on here where people say they have been studying for about ten months… But I guess if you have never seen any of it before… For example, I studied Econ for three years in college and I reckon well over 50% of the things I studied are in this exam!!!

I felt level 1 was the easiest and put the least amount of time into that exam of the 3. It’s the one you can squeak thru with the least prep, so you still have a shot.