Studying Advice Level 1 - Dec 2011

I just signed up for the December Level 1 test! Does anyone have any studying advice or suggestions on what king of prep material to buy to complement the readings? I was thinking of getting the Schweser Essential package. Anyone have any experience with using Schweser? I am a recent Finance grad, currently working 40+ hours. Any suggestions would be helpful Thanks!

I’m using the Schweser essential- had no finance background and I’ve found it really helpful. Naturally at the beginning there were certain topics that seemed foreign, but they do a good job or breaking difficult concepts down so that they can be understood. I think you’d be wise to go with Schweser.

Thanks! Does anyone have any experience using the Schweser Premium package and if it is worth the extra $400?

If you are a finance grad then Schweser should be sufficient. When you sign up you get the CFAI books anyhow so you can use them for topics that you’re less familiar with. Also do some Mock exams to determine your weaker areas and use CFAI if needed…