Studying CFA with my significant other

I’m going to be attempting level III this coming year alongside my significant other. We have been studying together since I wrote level I and although it is so great to keep each other motivated, it doesn’t come without hurdles and stressful fights. Can anyone else relate??

Did both of you clear I and II at the same time?

Nice motivation for you…If you fail and the significant other passes, the significant other might be tempted to leave you for another Charterholder.

I was thinking it would suck if they pass 3 and you fail so next spring they wanna go on more trips and out more and you have to be the buzz kill.

vice versa, if you pass and significant other fails, you can start looking for a charterholder gf. dat charter very important in maintaining relations.

hah we never cleared an exam together, gone through two fails, one each.

I think it’s great that you have been studying together. What is your no. 1 biggest challenge?