studying day before exam? or just light review? or nothing?

just wondering when people are going to stop… i will probably just go see a movie the day before and do a very light review

I always took the day off from work, did a light review of ethics, enjoyed my day and took the exam fresh.

going to watch a movie sounds like a good idea. I’m taking Wed, Thurs, Fri off before the test. I guess light review throughout the day, maybe a matinee movie, and then no studying after sundown.

I don’t plan on doing anything. Probably go for a swim at the local gym.

I’m taking two weeks off before the exam. I don’t want my mind to be cluttered with the garbage I deal with at work. I’ll spend my time reviewing the material, and make sure I get plenty of rest before the exam.

same here…I took a week off from work also. I plan to be done by then, and just review concepts I still have some problems with.

i’m planning to take a week off as well…i have to fly to sydney to do my exam since it’s not offered in brisbane…my plan is to stay in sydney for a week to have a relaxed mind and do some revision…

Take the last day off. May be 2 but not more because knowing finance and answering questions in an efficient and timely manner are different things. You will be surprised how quickly you lose shape.

Folks…how about a trip to Spa a day before the exam?

I was told to read ethics the day before the exam. No sense in stressing your brain out.

Having taken very hard exams before (California Bar), I will take the day off and not study. By then, your brain is full anyway.