Studying dreams...

Is anyone else suffering from persistent “studying dreams”? Every night…this is starting to drive me crazy!

It’s awful…after Level I, it lasted about a week. I’ve almost got it out of my head now, but now have the “see-saw” days…thinking I passed one day and failed the next. I’ve got to find a new hobby…or at least start drinking more

I had a nightmare that I failed and I was going to be killed because of it. I woke up sweating at 4am. I really think this test might kill me.

for the first time I had a dream about the exam last night. I dreamed that I was checking the CFAI website about 2 weeks from now, and they had unexpectedly posted the exam results! I found out I’d passed and posted here on AF to let people know they could go get their results too!

I had a dream that I passed…it made me feel worse when I got up cuz I know I failed!

yes, but once I stopped coming to this website the dreams stopped. go figure.

I had a dream that I was taken to a ring of prostitutes but I was too much of a gentleman to sleep with the hooker I got tagged with… :confused: Not only that we were in some communal room with all these prostitutes, and I almost got in a fight with some dude that wanted to tag the chick I had picked out… (to cuddle all night)… lol… …and i’ll be the first to wtf my own post.


That dude was me. she was hot!

you bastard.