Studying during the break on exam day

I saw a lot of people whipping out their Schweser secret sauce on exam day and studying during the lunch break during the exam. I mean does it really help? I didn’t do this. I had a big lunch and went back and took the exam. It seems a little sad to see people studying like this :frowning:

If I blank on a concept/formula in the AM session, I will look it up during lunch. Absolutely no studying beyond that.

I try to relax during lunch. Overstudying might cause making stupid mistakes. After reading Secret Sauce 5 times before the exam, i don’t think I will find anything new there during lunch break.

I didn’t bring anything with me except a calculator, two pencils, passport and exam ticket, plus some extra cash. My brain needed rest. Plus, just looking at the books would probably make me even more anxious.

I looked up some stuff during the break in the books and saw where a question in the AM came from one sentence in the CFAI books. Crazy, one friggin sentence.

i wouldn’t do it… if you get into a situation like trek7000 and realize you made a mistake on the morning session it just makes you more nervous… bottom line is…if you don’t know it by then - you’re not going to know it in one hour…

I don’t think it hurts to read ethics.

I wouldn’t read anything . Besides that looking at the scared fellows makes me feel better. remember confidence is a part of the game

You know, I’ve never reviewed during the lunch break before, but I might change my mind this time. If there are still a few equations that are giving me problems, than I don’t see any harm in reviewing those at lunch…if it was already on the morning exam, so what? You just can’t let it throw you off mentally.

I did not study at lunch last time, but I think I may this time around, if for no other reason than the two sessions are not equally laid out. If I know quant was not addressed in the first half then I see no harm in looking it over for a few minutes if you know its coming. I did a quick review the morning before of that quicksheet Schweser gives us last time (mostly because I couldn’t sleep) and it helped with my confidence some because I know I had *just* seen the formula or list that morning. I don’t recommend trying to go over all of the material over lunch but I will likely take a look at quant, econ, PM, derivatives, or whatever section was not included in the AM part of the test.

Plus, what the heck else do you do for 2 hours!

Ummm… I’ll be feeding my baby boy during the break! Poor kid, I think he’s starting to bond with Peter Olinto’s voice from hearing me listen to the Stalla lectures so much.

I brought porn. I studied that.

I brought a sheet with formulas on it. Its not so much “studying” as it is looking at something relevant to what you’re doing. If there’s a formula you dont have “memorized” then looking at it might help you remember it if/when it appears in the afternoon.

I watched Level 2 candidates have beers during the break last year…betcha I see them again this year …in the Level 2 exam…