Studying for 2008 with 2007 Material

Not sure if this is the best section of the forum to post this question in, but here goes. I was planning on taking the CFA Level I exam in December but ended up not being able to do so due to a list of unfortunate circumstances. Even more unfortunate was the fact that I found this out a month after getting all of the 2007 materials (CFA books + Schweser notes). I’m not back track, though, and will be taking the exam in June 2008. My question is whether or not the sources I have will still be relevant. I’m not sure how drastic the change in material is from year to year, but I’d imagine that if can’t be too significant? Relevant background info on me is that I graduated from college less than one year ago and majored in finance, so a good amount of Level I waterial isn’t new to me. I was planning on getting the 2008 Schweser Notes and just studying the 2007 CFA texts. Money isn’t too big of a problem for me at the moment, although I really wouldn’t want to spend that much money on new books unless it was absolutely necessary. The biggest fear I have is mastering the material by spending endless hours studying 2007 information, and only to find out that I fail the June exam due to a lot of new information in the new curriculum. Thanks in advance for any help.

when you sign up for the 2008 exam, your 2008 CFA Texts come for free with the registration. So you do not have to worry about using old books any more!!!

Is this something new? Becuase the texts were additional to the cost of the actual test itself for 2007.

yes it is.

Sorry, should have probably called the CFA first.

website says it all… CP