Studying for Dec 08

How’s everyone’s studying going? Are you consistently studying 2~ hrs on weekdays & 5~ hrs each on Sat/Sun? My studying is really inconsistent… over the past few weeks I’ve been really busy with other things & I only studied 1~ hrs on weeknights & 5~ total on weekends. For those that have written already, at this point in time (4 months till exam), should I be religiously studying 15 hrs/week? I started really early (since I knew my studying would be choppy!) so I’m 3/4 through FSA.

good job with FSA, dude. you want to make sure you got that down. at thie point, if you are working, yes you should be treating this as life or death. if you are not working or a student, then you have some time to get rolling you are gonna hear all types of responses to borad questions like this, so be careful.

Wow,you are reading book 3, i am still reading ethics :S huh…