Studying for FRM Part 1 using Kaplan Schweser notes ONLY

Hi everyone,

I recently registered for FRM Part 1 (Nov 2017) and got the Kaplan Schweser Notes student package cause it was the cheapest package available. It comes with the 4 ebooks, and two practice papers. I also have one additional practice paper from GARP.

My question is very simple: How sufficient are the notes (examples + end of chapter questions [5 per chapter] + end of book questions [10 per book]) in preparing for the FRM paper? Will it leave me woefully under-prepared? Or will it be fine, assuming obviously I understand how to do all examples and questions and read/understand the full text? Thanks!

Would love input on this from esteemed members of the forum.

It ultimately depends on how much you retain from the notes.

As someone who passed Part I, the questions on the test are much more difficult than the Schweser practice questions (post-chapter and question bank online). Their practice exams (online) and end of book practice questions however are a bit better in terms of difficulty.

I would supplement w/ BT as David’s questions are pretty good in terms of complexity. Also, Christian’s questions over at Wiley are also really well done, but I’m not sure if the Question Bank is a standalone. Price points for both products are relatively low. I’m actually surprised you picked Schweser over the other 2.