Studying for June 2017 with Schweser 2016 notes

Hello everyone, first time posting in these forums!

I finished my masters recently and decided to pursue the CFA program, I was planning on taking it this December however for various reasons I wasn’t able to get a head start in studying so I decided to take Level I in June 2017.

A friend of mine lent me his materials (Schweser Notes) that he used for June 2016 which I was planning on using for December 2016. My question is:

Can I still use the Schweser Notes that I currently have to prepare for June 2017 and use the LOS for curriculum changes they make every year? Or do you recommend getting the 2017 Schweser Notes?

Thanks in advance!

The CFA institute updates their curriculum every year. However, the bulk of it stays the same. You can also review their LOS changes by year. If you have the CFAI text for 2017 and schweser notes for 2016 you should be all set. Just make sure you review the LOS changes.

As mentioned above, Just ensure you do double check and study according to the changes between 2016 and 2017 Exam LOS Study Sessions from CFA Institute website. Most of it should still be same.

Ok sounds good, I was thinking the same thing.

Thanks for the reply!

Brilliant! Thanks for replying as well!