Studying for L3 and Working

How many of you are working full time and studying for level 3? Also, how demanding is your job? and what sector are most of you in? Investment Management, Investment banking, PE, VC??

I want to get a sense of the type of jobs L3 candidates have. Also, anyone on the forum in Southern California?

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Corporate finance - 70 hours/week

portfolio manager at a BB in NY, 70 hours.

Was in operations for about 3 years, was able to escape to a buy side structured products position in NY at the beginning of this year… Hours aren’t too bad, about 55 a week. About a 2 hour commute door to door though right now which sucks.

PE RE. I work 50-55 hours per week (which excludes work I do at home as I’m studying).

I had a different job when I took levels 1-2 and worked more like 65-70 hours per week. I feel like I have all the time in the world now to study which has had a significant and unexpected procastination effect on my studying habits.

Generally 40-50 hours but sometimes this is lumpy. I’m an actuary and working in a life insurance company.





60-70 hours depending on the week. About 10-15 of those are tied up in travel time as I’m a management consultant. Work sucks

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^^^I’ll have my secretary get back to you.


Wealth Mgmt; generally work 55 +/-5 hours.

My biggest challenge (aside from time crunch and clients that call me at all hours) is that I currently have a manager who does not seem to support or understand my efforts in taking this exam.

^When you become a manager, you’ll understand why that’s so.