Studying for LEVEL 1 in June 2008

Hello Friends, I am giving exam for Level 1 in June 2008. I will be starting to study the CFA Materials. Can anyone advice which section to study first? Furthermore, Can we find free online study materials and mock exams as well? Is it worth buying SCHWESER Materials. If yes, please advice why is it so.? What benefit it has… to obtain materials of SCHWESER? Thanks

Started studying back in November. I’ve been going through the materials in a linear fashion, basically 3-4 readings per week (leaving a solid month in May to review). I’m also looking for as many sample questions/practice tests as possible. I’m not planning on buying any notes, as I feel I’ll benefit just as much reading the actual materials and making my own notes for future review.

MCF. What should i read first… Which book ?

I went directly into book one… right into all of the ethics information. However, ethics is so unique compared to all of the other material, you could do that whenever. As for the rest of book one, quant methods is very dense. You’ll probably want to give yourself a good amount of time for that. Could warrant several passes. I think it’s a good opening section to use as a base for the other readings.

Thanks MCF. I appreciate. By the way You are just doing readings from the CFAi book and making notes? Which Calculator you using though?

Yep. Just planning on doing the readings, highlighting key details, making flash cards based on that… and then will write ‘conceptual’ summaries for myself. Not planning to buy any notes – but DEFINITELY will buy practice tests. I use a basic financial calculator… HP 17bII+

mcf Please check on the calculator. When I last checked HP12C (incl. Platinum) and the TI BA II Plus (Incl. professional) were the only types of calculators allowed on the exam. Esp. since you are familiarising yourself with the Quant techniques, and the calculator plays a pretty important part of the calculations, please get yourself the proper calculator and get familiar with the “controls” early on in your studying. Regards and best of luck in your studies. CP

CP where can we find rules and regulations on whats allowed in the exam… Furthermore, which calculator to go for in your view? I was hearing something about pencil 2 and dont know what… what is it about, if you have any info?

I start with book 3 and ss 3 but i found that ss10 related to ss3. Then i study ss10 to make clear my confuse. Book 1 mainly refer to legal regulation, so i will study last

Wow. You’re right. That would have been unfortunate. Guess it’s time to find a new calculator. I am using the TI BA Plus II

What are the functionality differences between the allowed HP and TI calculators?

What i know is that the hp uses reverse polish notion… and requires you to break certain functions into steps, not a 100% sure thought. TI is easier to use of the two IMO.

HP only supports RPN? I assume the TI is able to do all of the necessary TVM calculations… IRRs and NPVs off cash flows, etc?

I assume from what I have herd so far, still waiting for my order from Amazon :frowning:

mcf Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > HP only supports RPN? > > I assume the TI is able to do all of the necessary > TVM calculations… IRRs and NPVs off cash flows, > etc? Can’t comment on HP since I haven’t used one, but as far as I know it uses only RPN. TI does all the things you mentioned above, including more. It is very important to become fully comfortable with all the key functions (i.e. PV,NPV,IRR,CF etc). Good luck guys