Studying for the CFA

Hi guys, I’m studying for the CFA and I was wondering what the best way to study is? Should I read the material and then answer the questions. Or should I read the material once and then really answer as many questions as I can

I think the best appproach would be to start by taking as many practice exams (timed) as you can, and answering as many questions as you can. Continue this until the end of April 2008, without EVER looking at the answer sheets, and then beginning early May 2008 check the answer sheets for all your exams and practice questions to see which ones are wrong and THEN (i.e., May 2008) go read the books to understand why you got some/most/all of the questions wrong. As far as I am concerned, I will take the harder approach instead and start by reading each chapter/section, take short notes on them, quickly solve some practice questions before I move on to the next section, and continue the loop till I am done with all the sections. I am planning to start in October, so by Mid-March or early April I should be in a position to go back and do a quick review of the entire curriculum and then take timed practiced exams throughout May 2008. You can decide which one suits your style. -ron-