Studying from Old CFA books


I had a quick question regarding prep for CFA Level 1

  • I am planning to take CFA Level 1 in Dec 2017
  • Have old books used for CFA Level 1 in Dec 2014
  • after registering for the exam I will have access to digital edition but need to pay extra for getting the physical books delivered
  • therefore if the content has not changed so much, I can study from old books and some topics that have changed from the digital edition

Anyone has an idea if the content has really changed? I can understand this might be a difficult one to answer :slight_smile:

Thank you

If you want to use the old books, just make sure the LOS is the same. It takes time to check if the LOS matches so just make sure if you want to spend that time checking, or shell out the $300 for CFAI books. But really if you want to buy books, just take the eBooks for free and buy Schweser.

I passed CFA lv 1 in Dec16 using schwesser notes 2013 yes smiley

The content doesn’t change that much from each year, but my question would be - why risk it?

You are already devoting so much time and money for the exam.

Odds are stacked against candidates already, not to mention the 47% pass rate, why make it worse?

Peace of mind from having new material is my recommendation.