studying habits

Do you guys take any days off from studying? Or just put in that couple hours everyday? I know the scweser calendar asks if you take days off, and I listed 2 days a week, but it seems like no one really takes any days off.

It’s different for everyone. Think about it like trying to create a fitness program - it depends on body type, fitness level, etc. What I mean is, theres no secret method about getting healthy or studying for the test. One thing is for certain, no matter what program or habits of studying you do - stick to it. Obviously, it depends on the person, we all have different extremes when it comes to doing too much or too little. Simply put, if you want to take a day off, then take a day off.

I always try to at least give myself Friday nights off. You gotta try to maintain a little balance in your life while working through this thing otherwise you will go crazy

I study when I have time, and work with my routine. 3 to 4 hours every Sat and Sun, and then a couple of hours for 3 or 4 nights during the week. We all have lives, and at least for me, there are some things that override studying (for example, this past Tuesday I was out late partying with a friend on their last night in Boston). I would never sacrifice moments like those to study

Everyone’s situation is different. For me, I cannot afford to take days off because prior to studying, I did not have much exposure to this material. But whatever your situation may be, it is wise to take breaks between studying. Too much studying and no rest will leave you mentally jaded.

I spend about 10 hours a week. I try to study more when I can but I try to keep balance in life. For example, my wife and I play volleyball on Tuesday nights and I do Toastmasters twice a months. CFA is significant but it’s also important to live in the present, especially spend quality time with people who are important to us - family and friends. I try to cover 1 SS per week. I have 4 SS left and I am planning on being done with covering all material in 4 weeks. Meanwhile I also do Qbank questions with special focus on Ethics. Lola and I are planning on coming up with a list of key topics (e.g. capitalizing vs expensing or understanding ratios, etc) for the whole exam and discuss them in Oct-Nov on AF. You are welcome to suggest the key topics we should discuss.

Work with you schedule and your needs, that’s very important, because you’ll eventually crash. Figure out something reasonable. I think it’s healthy to take 2 days off from studying. I have found out that studying early in the morning works best. If you can afford even 1 hour 2-3 days during the week that’s so much help. Unfortunately I start work @ 7am so getting up @ 4am is out of question. I also finish around 7pm, so studying 2 nights a week is my goal. Not a lot, but again, it adds up. I also do Q-bank questions during lunch break. So I try to make the most of the weekends - I structure them like work days and stick to it. Get up early and study 3-4 hrs, then go to brunch and study again. If I do 8 hrs each day that’s great. And if you decide to take 2 hrs off for coffee with friends or a movie, enjoy it, no regrets. You’ll make it up later, but negative thoughts are counterproductive.

I agree with the previous posters and with jalmy8 in particular. Different things work for different people. I also believe that balance is important, otherwise you can get burnt out pretty easily. I also try to cover 1 SS per week and possibly review 1-2 SS that I’ve covered previously during that same week. Whatever you do, just come up with a study plan and make sure you stick to it. Nothing wrong with going out on a Friday/Saturday night, just make sure that you’ll be able to recognize when you’re falling behind schedule and do whatever it takes to catch up.

I’ve found that taking a few days off is a MUST every once in a while. But I hate feeling guilty about taking the time off… My new philosophy on life is as followed: The Journey is The Destination. So instead of just looking forward to being a CFA holder, God-willing, I try to find the benefits of getting there. Like discussing topics I find interesting (like finance) with intelligent people (you guys). Good luck!

thanks guys, that really helped. I have always been an efficient studier and usually grasp concepts rather quickly, but I can also get overconfident with the material. I also signed up for a class on FSA since I think that is my weakest subject.

I am struggling over the weekends with the new English Premiership season. But most studies done en-route to work on trains and buses. Also first thing every morning 4-6am.