studying method

Hi guys, I’m a new poster to this site (altough I have been reading posts at this site for months now), and I have been going throug the schweser notes. Because there is so much information, should we be trying to memorize all terms, formulas, graphs and ratios? Or is it better to try to understand the big picture, concepts, and rationalize answers for questions. I’m going through the books pretty quickly, and I am definitely planning on going through them at least twice and save times for test problems the last couple weeks/month before the test. What are your methods for studying? Any info would help, Thanks

A number of people have tried to answer this kind of question, and here’s my best try at what the consensus seems to be. This depends a bit on what works best for you personally, of course. But if you’re able to understand the big picture and concepts, and reason your way to the answers, you’ll probably do better. Some questions on the exam are pure memorization without any concept or reason, so you won’t escape that. But many are conceptual questions. I haven’t ever seen a CFAI exam (real or practice), but many people on this forum who have written an exam say that the questions on the real exam are more conceptual and less mathematical than the Schweser study notes would suggest. I think that’s important info.