Studying on the Road

Anyone having troubles with this. Hard to settle down and hammer out the hours when your are traveling all the time. Any tips?


I used to travel consistently as part of my job duties, and would have absolutely no issues finding enough time to study if I were back in that game again. Some of the guys on this forum are busting out 80 hours a week and still finding 15-20 hours per week to hit the books.

Get a timer, set if for half an hour and say to yourself, I will study for this time and then do it. After the half hour is up reward yourself by relaxing, or if you feel like studying more, which is maybe 50% of the time, keep going.

I had business trips to Puerto Rico during my studies. Tough to do…but its a must.

I found it almost easier to study on the road than at home. Lots of distractions at home.