Studying pattern/momentum

Do you struggle to get back on track fully concentrated, determined, & enthusiastic after a day off from studying due to urgent matter?? I’m losing motivation just a month before the date despite having good scores & overall understanding of the material

Picture yourself holding the charter. There, you’re motivated again.

STFU & go study.

Picture yourself doing this two more years… Once for Level 2 and once more for level 3…

Now picture yourself failing and having to repeat this process multiple times.

Are you still motivated?

I know the feeling, I have had streaks when I didn’t take a single day off from studying for months. And then for some issue, I had to take a few days off…it can be difficult to pick it up again. The first few hours studying after a few day break are a bit challenging.

And regarding motivation, keep this image in mind:

^ Such a painful and depressing truth

I didn’t take any days off. Even on vacation, I’d get up 1-2 hours before my gf at the time did to study. Wasn’t going to risk failing and having to study again.

I agree. Better to go balls out (and maybe study too much) and be sure of passing than wait a year for a redo.

Thank you guys, fingers crossed for all of you!

  1. When you are starting out (t minus 4-5 months) Don’t overstudy. It’s easy to do an additional hour or two but you will burn out.

  2. Don’t be in this forum comparing where you are vs. where others are. It is almost always counterproductive.

  3. Reward yourself! Think of what you crave, what you want, and tell yourself that if you achieve that goal for the day, for the week, you get to indulge yourself. Keeps you motivated in the 4-8 months long of studying.

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