Studying technique and speed

Greetings, This is my first post on this forum. About myself. I am a Software engineer by profession with 7 years of experience and a MS in CS in education. I am doing my MBA in Finance. I signed up for CFA level 1 for Dec 08 as i want to strong credentials to switching my career from IT to Finance. I just started studying this week. I have been reading one Reading a day from the CFA material. Do people feel that is a good speed to complete the material. I want to complete all the SS in 18 weeks at the suggested speed. That would leave me 4 weeks or so for a review. What kind of notes do people make ? How detailed / fine detial do you need to know the theory aspects. ? I have so many questions.

you will not be able to do ss 8,9, in 1 wk each.

it guy, i think you should leave yourself at least 6 weeks for review. there all kinds of methods to studying and this depends on how you learn and how much time u have. making notes may be beneficial, but it’s also time-consuming. I’d say one page per reading would be good enough. i never took notes though. i made flash cards with formulas and i made a few sheets of notes on topics i need a little refresher on. you may want to consider schweser or stalla. and you need to know the material very well. the more, the better. good luck.

So do you guys recommend moving faster through certain study sessions…as you pointed out FSA is going to be slower

Assuming that you are new to FSA, it’s hard to cover in 3 weeks. Look, you may be able to read them, but you may not be ready to do CFAI weighted questions. I suggest you read once and comeback and have a serious study. Repetition is important. Do not assume that you can do it just because you are able to understand the stuff you are reading. The amount of material is overwhelming. Good luck! And welcome to the forum

Greetings, I have signed up for the FSA course as part of my MBA for Fall 08. I am hoping that will help me understand FSA better. I am taking Economics in the summer.

If you are an MBA, you have a higher prob of passing the first time, I would imagine.

I lost a whole month to note-taking before I realized I would never use them…highlighting and scribbling in the margins of schweser works just fine.

I am underlining important points in every paragraph i read. i also take short point notes in the margins of the CFAI material. I am not planning to read guides till i complete the material.

If you work full-time and have other commitments you’ll soon notice that its not always the case where you can finish a SS in a week. Also, there are some that would definitely required more than a week’s attention (FSA, FI). Its good to have 4-6 weeks at the end for review. Make a study plan that you can stay consistent with, if you try to do more you will feel burned out at the begining or in the middle, if less then at the end you’ll find yourself cramming the material (which is not the best of options).

although you allocated for review, i would still allow for time to do practice problems and test your knowledge. Sometimes you never know how much you don’t know until you test yourself. And i don’t mean the end of chapters of the CFAI material. Those help, but you should really get use to the format of how the exam will be.