Studying tips for the final stretch

I’ve done far more standardized tests in my life than I’d care to admit and done more research into learning methods than most. Here are some things I’d recommend to help you maximize your studying: Timeblock - it’s impossible to concentrate for long periods of time and retain that info. I suggest splitting into 14 * 1 blocks where you study for 14 minutes and force yourself to take a one minute break. Do the qbank questions a couple of times - do about 240 of the easy/intermediate questions and figure out where you went wrong. The concepts that you didn’t get, or the formulas you had problems with, dump them into an SRS. - Do the SRS whenever you have some spare time. The computer is far better for helping you decide cycles to revise. Make use of phrases to help things be memorable (see my other thread). Make them as vivid as possible. GET SLEEP! When you learn, your neurons grow pathways in your brain. When you sleep, those pathways get trimmed in order to make them more efficient. It’s not that you ever forget anything, but rather the neurons efficiency isn’t there thus you cannot remember. You MUST SLEEP. Most of this is common sense, but hopefully this helps someone. The SRS is a god-send. Trust me on this one. You use it everyday and you will remember far better than if you read the SS everyday.

nice app -

Those are good tips for remembering. Myself, I fall into the “understanding” camp, so for me, I need to understand the material and link it to other things I am interested in. So, I work through all problems, look up various supporting material (CISCO income statements over the past fifteen years to see if the equity valuation material makes sense, exercises on forming arbitrage portfolios under APT and thinking if I would really do this in real life, etc), try to take contrarian point of views, etc. Mechanical remembering just does not do it for me.

I prefer 1 minute studying, 14 minutes break. My retention is unbelievable.