Studying while driving

I’ve got a 4 hour drive coming up on Thursday evening and then the same drive back on Monday evening. Was hoping to make use of the time somehow.

My question is what could I do during this time? Obviously I’m not going to be reading anything so it’s going to have to be an audio solution. I was thinking of either buying an Elan audio book or recording the audio part of my Elan videos (for Ethics perhaps since it shouldn’t involve too many graphs/equations/calcs that require the visual component.).

Regarding Elan audio books. They don’t provide a sample so I don’t know the quality. What do you think of them? They seem pretty damn expensive (the soft dollar chapter is $20 for example). How long would this chapter be for that price? Am I best just recording audio from videos (soft dollar is only 40 minutes or so)?

I know this may be a bit late, but I do not really like the audio books. They were included in my ultimate package, but it is basically a “pretty decent” computer reading from the lecture notes. Definitely not a human.

It gets kinda annoying pretty quickly.

I bet recording the audio from the videos is a much better option. Although you need time and/or disk space for that.

A phone with internet connectivity (which most obviously have these days) can probably play the Schweser videos from their online library. Or you could make notecards - I know I’ve said before that I use notecards and others wonder why I do it because it seems dangerous. It’s NOT reading…I put a term/concept/formula on the front (several words that require no more than a quick glance) and then think about it for a minute before I check my answer. I guess I could see how that’d be dangerous if I knew my stuff cold and was flying through them constantly reading the cards. Unfortunately, it’s not the case.

So videos (for the audio) or notecards.

I actually very enjoyed listening to video lessons wihle driving. You don’t even have to think of it as intense studying, but just listen and pick up some facts and calcs here and there. It all adds some value

any chance you can use public transportation and just study that way? When i commute to my parents house I always get a good 4hrs of study on the train and its quality because you have nothing else to do.

This constitutes drving under influence. It’s not the same as listening to music to have fun and keep alert.

I suggest not to do it. Safety is more important than the damn exam and charter.

I used the schweser audio. I think it is less helpful than any other way of studying but I guess it’s okay if it is your only option. Take public transportation if you can, even if it’s slower.

The whole audio package is $150, not sure how the soft dollar chapter can be $20

Take a nap on public transportation and then burn the midnight oil.