I know this thread may be a bit redundant, but figured it would be good to give it a fresh start with two weeks left. This is for any topics or formulas you come across in CFAI (especially the EOC!!!), but didn’t see in Schweser. If you could specify CFAI Volume & Page #/Question#, that would be perfect. This could even apply to things you did read about in Schweser, but still failed to give you enough info to answer questions in the CFAI text (or elsewhere). #1. Mortgage Backed Sector of the Bond Market - Calculating Notional Amount of Interest Only Strip on an MBS (Page 382-383, CFAI Vol 5) Notional Amount of an I.O. strip at x% = {Original Tranche Par Value * Excess Interest %} / {x%} where Excess Interest % = Collateral Tranche’s Coupon Rate - Tranche Coupon Rate Note: Both Excess Interest and x% should be input as DECIMALS. This came up in CFAI EOC #28, page 412. PS There is content on Floating rate tranches (pg 380) and associated EOC questions, but too lazy to go over that right now…if anyone wants to give it a shot, please do :slight_smile:

Just so you are aware, all questions asked will be linked to specific EOCs. Some of the CFAI material is outside of the EOCs, and therefore stands a low chance of being asked.

yup, that’s why i said especially the EOC’s … i’m hoping others contribute to this thread so after the exam is done there isn’t a new thread bashing what schweser left out … even if it means 2-3 questions, could be well worth it …

Do you guys mean LOS instead of EOC. Some of the CFAI material may be outside of LOS not outside of EOC. You guys keep saying EOC in your posts. Am I guessing right?

^^ correct. just seems as tho EOC’s are a good gauge for testable material, so that’s why they would probably have a higher likelihood for being on the exam…but as it says, every LOC is fair game !!

Whoops, I meant LOS’s. There are EOC questions on material that will not be tested on the exam. Some of the questions in PM are a good example of this.