Stumbled upon this - Did Ben Stein call the US downgrade?

“How long until the debt incurred under this program is so immense that it causes a downgrade in the sovereign debt of the USA? What happens to us then?”

I never liked the stimulus program; not because I necessarily disagree with big spending to boost the economy, but because it was so obviously poorly devised.

That’s powerful stuff. Good find Black Belt. The guy is a genius for a reason.

Ben Stein is not a genius outside of finance and economics. In fact when it comes to science he’s downright stupid.

What? How many geniuses are genius at things outside their fields? Was Mozart a genius at particle physics? Was Einstein a genius of French cooking?


What make him so stupid when it comes to science?

I like Ben Stein, actually saw him speak last week, but several years ago he did say that subprime was basically nothing and that the housing market was solid. To his credit though, he backed up his opinion with his wallet and took a beating as a result.