Stunning - Could Ethics be tested in the morning?

As I ponder what could be a shock to the system in the essay portion, is there a possibility (despite Schweser statements) that ethics could be tested in the am. Think about it. The LOS states “State the six components of the of the Code of Ethics and the seven Standards of professional conduct.” Other areas that could require some strong memory in ethics: how to comply with performance presentation within the standards if a firm does not claim GIPS compliance, developing trade allocation procedures. While I highly doubt that ethics would be in the afternoon, I just wonder…

Technically yes, anything can be tested in either morning or afternoon.

I would take an AM ethics question over a monster IPS question any day.

I would love a morning ethics question, we’ve been doing the same material for 3 years now. I’m scared of the really obscure morning question asking to list and explain somethings that were on one page of a CFAI book.

While I would take an ethics question over a monster IPS one, I must say that CFAI has the best way to the the simplest things and turn them into incredibly tough questions.

Possible, yet won’t happen. Ethics is a slam dunk multiple choice.