Stupid exam day decimal question

I have only lived in places where the decimal is a comma and not a point, and couldn’t change it to save my life when I’m doing calculations on paper. I have tried, but I tend to automatically switch back to non-anglo-saxon format without even noticing. Do you think it could be an issue for our essay graders from Southern USA ? Although I can’t think of so many cases where it wouldn’t be obvious… Whaddya think ?

I would stick with the decimal format.

So you think people from the South are fools?

Viceroy: another word of advice, they are looking for your answers to be in English.

@ Viceroy, I’m in the same boat as you. I emailed CFAI and they said that graders understand differences in numerical formats and won’t mind if you replace the point with the comma… Either way, if they did, they’d be very very very stupid in my opinion… J.

Have you EVER seen them use the comma decemal format in their examples? Why would you use it on the exam? Personally, I would aim to annoy the exam graders are little as possible. I think you should write your answers in pink ink as well. I’ve heard they like it.

The CFAI strives to be a global organization. I’m sure many of the graders and candidates are European and use commas instead of decimals. It definitely would not be a problem.