Stupid interview questions

  1. So you’re a Certified Financial Advisor?

  2. If you had a multiple deadlines to meet within a team environment, one of your team members was not pulling their weight, you get jammed up with other inquiries days prior, meanwhile you’re girl on the side just texts you explaining she’s late and you the daddy, your wife is b1tching that you’re not home enough, and finally you get a flat tire on your way home and AAA declines to assist you. What would you do?

  3. What’s your dream job? (Me, pro ball player? Anything but a monkey in a suit)

  4. So you’re from xxxx city, isn’t that a bad neighborhood?

And so on. Interviewing is such a standoffish game of they lie to you and you lie to them. For once it would be nice to just be real.

Funny, i ask #13 all the time.