stupid mind games....

Dont you hate the questions where they go… is person x incorrect to disagree with person y’s statements. I mean I can handle the ones where it goes is person x correct in agreeing with person y… It doesnt test your knowledge of the CFA material…cheap mind games. I have to spend an extra half a minute just confirming that I have everything in the right order even tho I know exactly which statement is true and which is false.

LongOn: Yes! Funny you write that, because I just wrote this in another thread: “My biggest problem with the test was just what a mind-@#$%& it was. For example, I think they had, practically verbatim, the same exact PM question in the morning and afternoon sessions [in L1]. I was sitting there trying to decide if I should go with the same answer as in the morning or if I should hedge my bets and pick something else. Not what I should have been focusing my time on! And I also just hate the way they use double and triple negatives everywhere. “All of these adjustments are unlikely to decrease the ratio except…” or, “Jones makes two statements and Smith disagrees with one. Was Smith incorrect or correct?” Like, why can’t you just give Jones statements and ask if they are true or false? WTF? Is this a reading comprehension exam?”

Who is right, Bob or Joe?

Double negative :frowning: Which of the following least accurately describes shortcomings of the VaR measure of risk? VaR typically:

i feel bad for the non-native english speakers

I have trouble understanding this stuff when tired. I tend to misread the question. Like in that question I misread the word “shortcomings”