stupid mistakes

On how many occasions have you made careless mistakes on “Least likely” and “most likely” questions? On average, i’ve missed out on around 3 questions/exam because of this. I now highlight the wording before answering to cut down on careless mistakes. Even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, it definite does add up, especially if you’re in the mid 60’s to 70’s range.

seriously this mistake happens with me everytime …shit scared …

when i first started i was doin this, then i sorted it out. nw im just well frustrated and want this exam to be over so im screwin it up again. hopefuly, wen it comes to the actual exam, the adrenaline will kick in and ill be fine and ill concentrate.

I have made those mistakes atleast for 3-5 questions per 120 question set, which would definitely put me in a comfort zone of 75%. These DUMB mistakes have me floating in the 69 -73% range thus far. I really have to up my concentration!