Stupid Mistakes

Going through the schweser exam, ive already seen 4 answers i shouldve gotten right but just misread the question. Really gotta read EVERY word in the questions. Im hoping this is just because im tired after working all day and that on exam day ill be good and focused. Not sure why im starting this thread. Guess i just want to vent.

On that note…I f**** hate corporate finance. There is so much information…

Me too. Made some stupid mistakes and even marked wrong for a couple of questions. Hope won’t do this on the exam day.

Maybe we can rename this thread “The Venting” or “Bitching Thread”. Feels good to vent haha.

There’s so much GD information there should be six tests, each more concentrated on fewer areas. It takes a long time be able to understand a few topics well, let alone a dozen. I guarantee people would have much grasp of material if this was broken up into manageable portions that could be prepared for in three months without going bat shit the last two weeks.

fking vigennteteestsss however the fuck you spell and pronouce it

so true!! i wish if nothing else at least the exam was broken into two - one focusing on financial reportin topics the other on asset valuation. what if that one day is just not your day?!

passme Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > fking vigennteteestsss however the fuck you spell > and pronouce it I would rather have 500 questions… on level 2 exam with the same format as level 1… Than deal with all this LARGE BLOCKS of reading which by the time I get through it… I get so much information in my head that I forget everything I read…

Words I hate now: Least likely Most likely Not the best answer The best answer Which of this is not true Which is not incorrect In a vignette, 2 guys are discussing: Statement 1 Statement 2 Who gave the most !-/) answer? Stupid question wordings that take your marks away

i HATE the which if these statements are correct/incorrect. Seems like 99% f the time, I am sure about one and completely unsure about the other. Thats like asking us 2-3 questions in one question. Yea theres only three answer choices, but youre answering like 6 questions in one.

There is always too much sh*t in there and most of it you don’t even need to consider. I never read first. Go to the question, read it and the responses and then go looking for the details in the vinegette. You waste too much time if you try and read through the whole thing first.

CFA Chap, i disagree. I did that for a bit. One time a read a question that part of it suggested a company would do an ADR Level III because it wanted to raise capital. 2 paragraphs down, they decide they dont want to deal with te SEC, so they end up doing an ADR LI. In the question, i answered ADR L3 as most likely, while if i had read the whoel vignette, i would have answered ADR I. Just MHO.

im making so dumb mistakes in calculations instead of 85 i would copy 58, rather than copying 0.439 i would copy 0.49. :S this makes me lose calculations questions and crush my confidence in calculations. darn it!

@ Spanishesk: TRUE: even I answered that wrong very quickly. But looking at the questions first is the right way. Look at q-37 to 42. Schweser book 1 AM. All the questions can be answered independently without looking at the vignette.

yea. I guess i good strategy is to glance at the qs first. Im still def reading the whole vignette. Have made too many dumb mistakes and have been finishing with plenty of time.

Yes the stupid mistakes are killing me aswel, just have to relax and take things slowly, but its annoying as hell

1 Statement is correct != Statement 1 is correct