stupid quant

so i haven’t looked at quant in a week, and the the whole t-statistic section with the paired difference tests involving formulas that would need 5 mins to just write down are freaking me out… have they ever actually been necessary outside some of the schweser exams?

I am pretty sure that the LOS than for that stuff indicates you don’t have to use the formula for level I.

dont waste too much time on that. at this point, you should be 100% focused on ethics

I agree with cart - but the paired difference t-test is the same as the regular mean t-test except that first you take the differences of each pair and create this data set of differences. Then do a t-test on that and see if the mean of the differences is different from 0. Anyway, this is a small topic and I wouldn’t sweat it at all right now.

yeah, you can fail quant and still pass all the way, but it you fail ethics you have to do really well on the others. i will be re-re-re-reading ethics for the next 5 hours, it will be my passport for level2