Stupid Quick Dumb Question

I normally hate when people even ask this…but I am…so if you hate on me I totally understand. Maybe someone has had similar a experience as me. I went to small liberal arts school and worked full time my senior year (unheard of at my school). I took Scuba, and Guitar and a few classes that met once a week at night - so that I could work at a small asset manager. I interned there the summer before my senior year and they extended me an offer for full time. I signed it and was literally running a FI portfolio for the first several months I was there. My official title was analyst and I later transitioned to become the consumer descretionary analyst. Anyways…should I elaborate on the fact that I worked full time in the capacity of analyst when applying for work experience? I fear CFAI will look at the dates on my work experience submission and see that it started before I graduated…but in all reality I am not trying to pull one over on them. I busted my hump my senior year so I think its valid that I get credit for that.

This isn’t really a question

if it’s the truth and it can be verified, i don’t think you have anything to worry about. but who lets a kid who just graduated from college run a portfolio? that’s a little scary.

With tens of thousands of applications, it’s unlikely that yours receives the type of scrutiny you mention. And even if it did, you say you were actually working full time, so there should be no problem.

consumer descretionary analyst… Are you sure?

Thats was the title on my business card…and I covered retail…so …yes…I am sure. I no longer cover retail. I moved to a bigger and more prestigious buy side shop and work in the cyclical group.

You’re jb. They can’t stop your application.

Scuba and guitar classes?

My bad, I always thought it was discretionary.