Style Fit Score

I can’t really find this in the material I have, but it keeps coming up in tests. What is considered a “high”. I have seen that an 88 was low, but a 93 i high. Can anyone point me to a page # in either the CFAI text or the Schweser books? Thanks - D. Green.

is that the player from msu or is that ur real name? just curious…

I have the same question. I saw the same past test, where you want the style fit to not be low but not be too high which implies no active management. What LOS is that?

pg.230 v4. btw

DraymondGreen is my favorite player on my favorite team of my alma matter. Thanks for the help on that Sparty. Go Green!

sparty419 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > pg.230 v4. btw No conclusion ?

Sorry AMC, I am totally pooped from the last few days. I am trying to take the next week off and try and get some readings done. Haven’t really had much time to be on AF too. Hows the studying going? Go White DG !!

I have the same problem. No one has conclusion?