Subban vs Weber trade

Who do you think won this trade? I say Habs got screwed on contract duration and age. Hockey-wise it’s give and take: elite defensemen either way. Subban’s got better stats in recent years but with a generally better team. Weber more well-rounded and undisputed leadership figure. Nashville will have a heeeell of a defensive squad. Weber will be surrounded by a fading Andrei Markov and otherwise average guys and unproven young bucks. He will himself start to fade several years earlier than Subban.

Overall my take is Habs got screwed. What do you think?

Is it even a question? What is Montreal thinking?

The only Weber I know is the gas grill.

Weber : NYU :: Big Green Egg : Harvard

Weber : Big Green Egg :: NYU : Harvard

+1. terrible trade.

No Candian team in playoffs this year. And between the Edmonton and Habs trades, it doesn’t look like the teams up north want to get there next year either.

Only an Eastern conference dweller with his head in the sand would pick Subban over Weber. Weber is a much better player. Who is on Canada’s world cup team? Not Subban. Who played the most minutes in Canada’s 2014 gold medal game? Not Subban. Who was the least reliable defenceman in Canada’s Olympic run? Oh, that was Subban. He watched all but one game from the press box. The only reason that Subban won the Norris is that Western conference teams play after bedtime for sports journalists. There is a huge list of better players than Subban at the position. Montreal got a better player on a worse contract. That was the trade.

see here’s my issue. It seems the consensus sales argument on Weber is his Olympic achievements. Last time I checked Montreal was no Olympic all star team but one out of 30 clubs trying to win the cup. I need a guy that elevates it in playoffs. Subban DOES that. Weber has an underwhelming playoff record.

I agree I’d rather have Weber if both were the same age. I’m afraid Weber’s most dominant years are behind him. Subban is entering that 26-29 sweet spot otherwise known in the sports world as the prime years.

Isn’t Weber a sieve on defense at this point? And he’s signed for another bajillion years? Come on. This is as lopsided as it gets. The trade isn’t for this upcoming season only, and even then there’s a chance Subban outperforms Weber.