subject wise study material

Hey guys,

So I just cleared my level 1. Now I have read about the format and glanced over the level 2 syllabus. I would like to know whether I should use Schweser for all subjects or refer to the curriculum for certain subjects like FRA, Equity and Ethics ?


Hi saurabh,

Seeing the weightage i had the sane thought of reading from CFA material bht trust me the level 2 material will not help a lot… As lots of unnecessary stuff is there i could not solve eoc problem after covering the cfa material because the LOS wise reading is not giving… So after just 1 week i started reading only from schweser… Trust me its more than enough…

People who say schewer is not enough have not cleared their concepts well… Schweser is more than enough… However do solve the blue box and eoc question from cfa material… I always did them.

I used Schweser and think i will duplicate it with CFA books or some other provider.