Subjective questions word limit

Does anyone know what is the number of words available / required for subjective questions

You have to write “enough” to properly answer the question. They’ll ask you different words like “compare”, “demonstrate”, “evaluate” and you have to answer the question specifically to what they’re asking.

If they ask you to “calculate” you don’t need to for even 2 milliseconds be “comparing” something.


You are letting the secret out.

This link might also be helpful. The page includes excample questions as well.

"Each essay question has two or more parts (A, B, etc.) and one or both of the following types of designated answer pages:

  • One type of answer page is an unlined page, clearly labeled for that question part. You are free to write your response as needed on that page.
  • The other type of answer page has a structured set of boxes. The boxes are clearly labeled for that question part and provide a visual structure to guide you in writing your responses." (from the source, below).

L.0.L!! I needed that chuckle.