Submitted Work Experience Months and Approved Work Experience Months both are 74. But status is still 'Work Experience Review"

“Submitted work experience Months” and “Approved work experience Months” both show 74 for me.

However, the status against both CFA Institute and CFA Society show 'Work Experience Review".

Is anyone else in the same boat? or know what this means?

Is anyone in the same boat?

does it say how many decision days you have?

You can just call/email CFAI- they will respond.

I was stuck in the same situation. I’ve read from previous threads that 10% of the applications undergo an additional quality check review while at CFA Institute “Work Experience Review” step.

Applied for membership on 08/18, Friday Work Experience months approved but still in “Work Experience Review” on 08/23, Wednesday Finally moved to “Under Review - Society” on 08/29, Tuesday Also, if anyone is waiting on CFA Boston society, their next meeting is on 09/12, Tuesday so expect the approval email on 09/13 or 09/14.

did you find out the reason?

did you find out why does this happen? i am in the same boat?