submitting GMAT scores

I’ve heard that we can tell GMAC to submit the score to 5 schools of our choice. How do we do that? Also, what if you haven’t decided which schools you want to apply by the GMAT test date?

  1. They will ask for school numbers once the test is finished. 2) You can ask for additional reports to be sent later on, but you will have to pay additional fees.
  1. Do I have to find the school number beforehand or does the test center have a reference sheet? Also, what if I haven’t registered with the school yet? (ie: no account with school X on my GMAT test date)

i think i brought the school numbers to the test center.

how did you find the test? which was the hardest section in your opinion?

comprehending the comprehensions!

I took it yesterday. They didn’t ask for school numbers–perhaps the process was changed. Before the exam, they simply have you search a database (by state and school name). Couldn’t have been easier. With regard to the sections, I would say math was far more difficult than verbal. But since scoring is done on a percentile basis, my opinion is absolutely meaningless.

How did you do? I take it for the first time tomorrow.

how were the math questions difficult? formulas? geometry? probability? DS or PS? what made them difficult?

  1. I thought the math questions were actually easier than on the MGMAT practice exams I took.