Subramanium Topic test

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Q # 6 is confusing for me. The para relating to the Q says: " Finally, Radia asks Subramanium if there are any issues to be considered regarding manager continuation policy. Subramanium answers that there are two types of mistakes you can make:  one mistake is to fire (or not hire) a manager with positive value-added management;  a second mistake is to keep (or hire) managers that provide zero value-added"

Q 6

Subramanium’s answers to Radia’s question regarding manager continuation policy best describes a Type I error for: A. both statements. B. the second statement and a Type II error for the first statement. C. the first statement and a Type II error for the second statement.

Which one is right?

As I remember Ho is that the manager adds no value.

Type I error is to wrongly reject Ho

Type II error is not to reject Ho

So then, answer B is correct, right?


^flipped this around. Answer is C

Statement 1: Type I error

Statement 2: Type II error

You really only need to remember 1 of the 2. How I remember the difference: Type II you fire a good manager