Subscripts and Superscripts

How difficult would it be to be able to add subscripts and superscripts to posts here?

If we could edit the HTML on the posts, we could do it. But I know that there are editors for posts that include subscripts and superscripts much as they do bold, italics, and strikethrough.

For communicating formulae here, subscripts and superscripts would be quite helpful.

These have been added to the editor. Thanks for the feedback.


^didint work, altho looked fine in the editor


Hmm. I will look into why that did not work.

They seem to be working well.

Thanks, Chad!

Well, today I tried again and they’re not displaying as subscripts or superscripts.

I think that they’re just messing with us.

I’ve made a change to the allowed tags in the forums so it looks like they are working now.

someone give chad.sandstedt a raise!

Underlines aren’t appearing.

It should be working now.


Are there other text enhancements available (e.g., colors or fonts)?

Sorry, I don’t see those as options in the editor.

Oh, well.