Subway creep in trouble

this guy is creepier than he looks

I don’t know. He is probably about as creepy about he looks. Which is pretty f ing creepy.

you nailed it Ohai, you got a good pedo eye

What I don’t understand is, if his buddy got arrested three months before Jared got raided (and his buddy tried to kill himself in custody), why the hell didn’t Jared destroy all his hard drives? I’m not defending what he did, but how stupid can you be?

from friends who have met him, Jared from subway has the ego of a D1 football player and probably thought he was above the law

I heard Jared basically ate all that subway from sheer absolute laziness bec Subway was right downstairs of his apt bldg.

He actually looks like a more creepier version of Fogell (Mclovin) from Superbad.

“Oh no, someone had sex in the United States, let’s put them in prison for 10 years!!!”

WTF. What about the women he had sex with, and the women who posed for the porn, are they going to prison also? Why not? When is the US going to crack down on these sleezy women?? Why not put them all in prison!?

These are the questions I ask.

^ in the U.S. It is illegal to have sex with a minor and possess child porn. Nothing will happen to the girls as they are victims in the eyes of the law.

LOL, that’s ridiculous though. The chicks did the sex voluntarily, they did the porn voluntarily. They are violators, fix the laws and lock them up! So they just get a fat financial payout for their crimes?

You know some of those “chicks” in the child porn he had were as young as 6 years old right?

Naw, I didn’t know that, but my view is unchanged.

The level of discourse on this forum anymore is fucking moronic.

Just own up man. you really think 1st graders should be locked up for what adults made them do?

what a joke

You guys just like bringing up extreme examples to avoid addressing the absurd man-hate.

What a joke.

your comments are a joke.

I know you are. But what am I?

Are you an american who recently joined ISIS?

Just the opposite, I’m the only guy in the room not brainwashed with the propaganda.