Suggested guideline answers

I wonder whether this year they will publish the key guideline answers to the AM session for the asian edition of the test or the American / European verision of the test. Any comments?

By when do they publish this … key guideline answers and where do they publish it? on the cfa institute website?

to skumar, yes, it is on the CFAI site, resources for candidates. 07 exam answers were published around Nov as I remembered. i think the past guideline answers must be of the western version. the intention of CFAI is to provide a reference for future exam takers. For that purpose, it doesn’t matter much whether it is of western or asian version. therefore, i doubt they will release both versions. i think perfectionists who took the asian version and want to know where they did wrong in the AM session would be disappointed.

thanks a lot for this info. i will keep myself updated with the cfa candidate resources but also request you to post it on AF if and when it comes out. In case i see it first … i’ll do the same.