Suggestion for Quant


So I am studying the Quants part now. TVM and IRR concepts are pretty clear and ok. But now when I have moved to Statistics, Probability etc it feels difficult to grasp. Maths was never my strong suite. So I would like to know how heavy in terms of wightage are these chapters in L1 and also in L2 and 3. Can I skip these and try to get some extra marks in some other topics?


Correlation, covariance and portfolio standard deviation formulas will appear in portfolio management a lot. It was also hard for me to understand, however I watched some YouTube videos, IFTs for example. It helped me a lot to understand.

CFAI posts the % weight on the exam for L1 and L2 on their site, somewhere…

Go watch these concepts on Khan academy only. Most of these CFA preppers (IFT, Krap lan, CFAI) don’t know what a p-value is despite rattling off some (seemingly) wise definition.

Statistics and Probability are the foundation of Portfolio Management. You can’t run from it. If you skip now, Level 2 and 3 will become bigger problems than they already are.

I use IFT videos for everything but for Statistics and Probability, I needed Mark Meldrum’s free videos.

And you have to have patience with these topics. I know it is difficult but if you get a good grasp, future topics will become easy.

You can use Mark Meldrum’s videos for quant. His L1 videos are available on YouTube.

He provides good intuition for difficult topics in quant