suggestion needed - analyst notes

Hi, I am taking the exam in june, and I’ve just started preparing for it. Has anyone used “analyst notes” ? it is a website which offers notes as well as a number of practice questions…and it costs about 100 usd. I have only seen ppl speak of schweser, stalla etc etc, but that would cost me quite a bit. Money is an issue here, so if someone has used or heard of analyst notes…any suggestions? is it reliable and useful?

what exactly do they offer for $100?

Online access to six 3-hour mock exams for Level I members - AnalystNotes guarantees that these 720 mock questions are much harder than the review questions! And each question comes with a detailed explanation. For each of 18 study sessions, the EBook demo version contains 5 subjects, their associated basic questions and 10 review questions. Review questions are arranged by study sessions. You can start a review exam for any study session, and AnalystNotes’s exam database engine will randomly select a specified number of these exam-type questions to test your knowledge of the study session. At the end of the exam, the answers and their detailed explanations will be provided with your test results. Thanks Bluey for looking into this! :slight_smile:

yeah i did the analyst notes thing. its actually only 65 dollars. It was really good i spent an enormous amount of time on it. their practice tests are greeat for immediate feedback. and I would say they are just as hard as the test was. their notes are condensed too. dont spend more than the 65 dollar option though. just as good as schwesser was and much cheaper. once you take the test though, on june 1st you cant get back into the site.

thanks maxhiggins!! :slight_smile:

I read Schweser and Analyst Notes for Dec 07, while I used FAR for June 07. Schweser and AN complement each other. What one does not do a good job in explaining, the other covers well. FAR is for those who already know the material and just want a quick recap (though their material does take a while to get through). Schweser has about 1200 pages (excluding end of chapter questions and answers, appendices and pages with less than a quarter page of notes). AN has about a 1000 pages of reading. Combined, you’d probably end up reading close to about 1800 pages, as you wouldn’t need to re-cover any material on AN that you had a firm grasp of by reading Schweser or vice versa. My suggestion is skim through Schweser, do the end of chapter questions, and then skim through AN. You’ll see the benefits of doing so, and you have about 5 months of prep time available so you should be able to manage that.

Rutta - u will have to watch out for one thing though - the LOS covered may not be recent… I had some questions dating back to 2004…

Ruckmani, did you purchase the most recent material from AN?

yep I did… I got the 69USD package…

I used AN in addition to Schweser/CFAI materials, and I can honestly say that come exam day, I felt much more confident the 2nd time around than the first (I just used CFAI materials on my first try).

My friend passed using analystnotes and Schweser Qbank.

thank you guys :slight_smile:

hmmm if its anything like q-bank then it sounds like a good deal… the q-bank questions helped me heaps… they gave me something to do rather than re-reading the text over and over… one thing i didnt like though, was that soooo many questions seemed to be repeated over and over… so they kinda forced me to memorise answers, and so my results were kinda biased upwards…