Suggestion needed on Ethics!!

The other day I attended Stalla’s Free Workshop in NYC, where Peter told that -> Last Wed-Thu-Fri (the ones before the exam on Sat) should be for Ethics. We are not going to achieve any better by doing the Durations and the Cash Conversion Cycles in those days, rather read (read- read-read) the SoPH cover to cover, as the Ethics section in the exam has similar wordings/scenarios being tested on, which could ease us down and help gather momentum for the later part of the exam. I just started reading SoPH (I am 10 pages into it) and it’s way to boring to continue reading those junky pages. I had to watch a little WWE to sooth me down. Any suggestions/comments to counter-attack Ethics!! - Dinesh S

Yes it is boring, but memorize the Code and learn the standards. It should be the easiest part of the exam. From my understanding, if your score is borderline, how you did on the ethics questions could push you to passing. Or is that just some myth?

Nobody really knows. What was the problem watching WWE while studing ethics?

The Cage match where Khali was bashing up Triple-H, I felt the same… being bashed up by Ethics… - Dinesh S

Dinesh, I read Schweser’s blurb on Ethics (that’s all it is really) and then I went over the CFAI notes on the subject. I’m planning on reading them again mid-November. Read those twice, focusing on the examples and you’re in a good position, I’d say. There are only so many things they can ask, so make sure you learn the fine distinctions (like what gifts are too lavish and might impair objectivity, whether to report non-fee paying vs non-discretionary accounts under GIPS, etc, etc) If you do a lot of questions, there is no reason to be super worried. It’s true that they can throw all kinds of curveballs but this is true for every section. There are very, very few ethics questions I’ve seen on this board or anywhere really that present situations not discussed in a great detail in the CFAI notes.

Has there ever been a match that was fixed against Khali - that would just be wrong.

Some of the questions on the june exam were almost indentical to the examples from CFAI text. I spent the last day reading the CFAI ethics (only CFAI I read) and I was very happy I did.

i haven’t gotten to ethics yet. is it worse than fsa and book 5?

JoeyDVivre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Nobody really knows. > > What was the problem watching WWE while studing > ethics? come on now, WWE is for kids, you need to watch some real men beating the crap out of each other, and ufc comes to mind